What does it mean when a guy screenshots the snapchat I sent them?

Oh btw, just saw your reply to my last one. Glad you think calling people retards is okay. You're filth to be honest. At least I respect other people, hence why I have thousands of followers and nobody cares about your stupid blog (except for me but only because you post hate on the katy perry tag all the time). Your opinions are pretentious and irrelevant and honestly nobody cares.

I use tumblr only to post long essays I can’t post on twitter. And I do not care if you have a million followers.
Katy has more followers than Madonna and Gaga on twitter. Does that make her better than them? Nope. Just like your opinion is not better than mine. On the other side, mine is superior to yours.
I don’t post hate on Katy’s tag. It’s the truth. Can you spot the lies anywhere? All stans are stupid. They take everything too seriously. You’re taking the internet too seriously. Go out and put the phone down.

Its funny how Madonna and Katy share a magazine cover. Madonna can dance, sing live, she’s iconic, she took so many risks in her career and has grammys while Katy is the exact opposite, just a submissive pretty girl who plays safe. That’s interesting.

In any way I think they did it to piss Gaga off. But I think Katy is no where near Madonna when it comes to talent, iconicness and sales.

It’s not so much about sales or who’s topping the charts.
It’s about legacy, iconic moments, pushing the boundaries of fashion, music, sexuality and the way the public perceives a strong female artist.
That’s where Katy falls short.

It’s interesting how they’re in the same magazine cover. Madonna’s impact is huge. While Katy.. She’s a pretty girl w catchy tunes.

That being said there will never be anyone like Madonna. Ever.
Not just someone who will top her sales but a female artist who will have a bigger impact in society, lgbt community, music, human rights and fashion.

I even think no one, absolutely no one should be in Madonna’s magazine cover w her.

I don’t wanna sound bitter or like I hate Katy. I respect her (sometimes I will throw some shade) but I don’t see how she earned her fame. Her team writes her music, they come up w every move she makes, they pretty much control her and that way she makes a couple of millions making her label richer.
She’s pretty, accessible, the girl next door, the Christian singer turned into a sexualized living dark-haired big-breasted Barbie who plays by the rules.

I’m surprised she hasn’t had a meltdown like Britney’s in 2007. I believe they’re both puppets of their record labels whose functions are being disposable plastic popstars who look pretty and sell singles.

We all know Madonna’s collaborations are not always the best. (See her collabs w Nicki, LMFAO, Psy and Ceelo) so I’m not surprised the pop queen wanted to tag team w Katy.
If they ever released a song together I wouldn’t even get it from mediafire.

So far I can’t recall Katy’s most iconic moment. She’s a chart topper, her team shits hits and she’s always pretty. But at the end of the day, will she be remembered as an icon? Or as a pop star who was in the same magazine cover w the biggest pop icon?

This guy on twitter thinks I’m the real Adore Delano bc I have her as my icon and my name is Adore Delano Facts 😂😂😂

I seriously don’t understand fans who say they would like their favorite artist to go back to a certain era.
I mean if they stay in just one era they will not evolve, they will not grow as an artist and they will definitely not be successful anymore because we’ve already seen that phase of that artist, we want to see more, we want to see what else they can do.
I don’t want my fave to keep doing what they were doing five years ago. That would be so boring.
And I bet that if that fan’s fave did what they did in past eras they would say that they are bored and they wanna see something else. Wtf is wrong w them?

K so Katy Perry was caught paying radio stations to play her songs. Now I’m very aware that most artists do this. Just like their record labels buy twitter followers for them to make them look more important or ‘relevant’ I mean. She has 50+ million followers. Most are eggs or inactive followers. This is not shade at all. Most pop stars do this and it doesn’t mean they are cheating. Their record labels do it for them.

Now that that is out of the way, apparently someone named James tweeted from the twitter account ‘@Hits93Toronto’ that Katy paid radio stations to play her songs more often and obviously get more spins. This James person is no longer running that account and his contract is under review. Which makes me think, did he do something wrong? In my opinion, no. He just said the truth. Someone who works for such an important radio station would never make up something like that. Why would he want to make Katy look bad? This is not high school where you shade someone bc you dislike them. If James tweeted it it’s because he must know something about it. And that’s nothing like saying Lady Gaga lost $25 million promoting her latest artpop album, we all know that rumor came out of an unreliable website.

Then Perez Hilton comes to the rescue, he saves the day by tweeting

'Spreading libelous and false information just to get more followers and retweets is illegal and beyond desperate!'

I don’t think I need to point out all the rumors and lies Perez has spread.
Hey, Mario it isn’t nice when you’re on the other side, huh?

Should we crucify Katy because her record label bought her spins? No.
But would we react the same way if Gaga was caught doing the same? Hell yes.
After all Angela (Perez) Cheng accused Billboard and Bill Werde of getting paid to place Gaga’s songs higher on the charts. And well now this happens.
But it’s funny, if you’re gonna pay billboard to chart your songs higher, wouldn’t you pay them for a #1 at least? Not a top 10 or top 20.

You don’t need to be a neurosurgeon to deduce this, because it’s all so simple and at the same time so dumb that even a five-year-old could process this information.

Ofcourse if it was Lady Gaga I would see the headline

No, I’m not mad because Katy is doing better than Gaga, in fact a number one single is not gonna make me unstan Gaga and stan Katy (like most of my twitter followers)
I’m not gonna force myself to like an artist simply because they’re #1.
I’d rather stan talent.
In 20 years they will not remember who was on top of the charts.
In the future they will remember those pop stars who did something for pop music and those pop stars who didn’t follow the rules.
Maybe Miss Katy want to take that advice. Make your career memorable, iconic, inspirational and not so safe.

The last thing I’m gonna say is that Katy’s team sure do know how to make her songs hits…

When the chorus to Applause begins